Mother and children injured in Hillcrest collision

May 27, 2016 • Accidents, Car, Road, Transport

Five people were left injured after a collision that occurred at  the corner of Accuts and Inanda Road in Hillcrest, KZN. The collision involved a light motor vehicle as well as a bakkie. A high school learner from Curro High School was first on scene. Fortunately she was first aider and was able to provide basic treatment to some of the patients in scene. When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene they found that amongst the injured was a mother as well her two children. ER24 assessed the patients and found that all injuries ranged from minor to moderate. ER24 treated and transported all the patients to nearby hospitals, including Hillcrest Private Hospital, for further treatment. The cause of the collision remains unknown,local authorities were ons scene for further investigation.

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