Covid-19: UIC works on providing its Members and partners with concrete measures

Mar 16, 2020 • Rail, Transport

UIC, as the technical platform for railway cooperation at world level, is the place of exchange for best practice, bringing together many networks of experts.
the context of Covid-19, the strength of these networks is used to give Members and partners the possibility to regularly exchange information on status and about preventive measures and procedures, especially taking into account the fact that railways – along with other means of transport – present a favourable environment for the spread of the disease.

This is why UIC has launched the Covid-19 Task Force, which held its Kick-off meeting by videoconference on 5 March 2020.

Since then, and in the spirit of sharing current practices, UIC members and partner organisations have provided the Task Force with relevant information leading to the publication of the newest UIC document: Management of Covid-19: Guidance for railway stakeholders, A series of potential measures published by the International Union of Railways.

For now, contributions have been sent by Railway Companies from all over the world, including: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States of America, Slovenia.
This document will continue to be updated throughout the duration of this crisis and UIC welcomes continued contributions from its members to help one and all manage the global response to Covid-19.

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