Traffic Alert: N3 Toll Route

Sep 15, 2020 • News, Traffic

Road users are warned that all north- and southbound lanes on the N3 Toll Route near De Hoek Toll Plaza (in the vicinity of Grootvlei) will be closed intermittently on Thursday, 17 September between 10:00 and 13:00.

This temporary closure is required by Eskom in order to dismantle and remove a decommissioned high-voltage transmission overhead powerline. Three-phase conductors will be removed sequentially during this period. A 15-minute full road closure is required per phase conductor to move each one across the road.

All traffic will be completely stopped during each of the 15-minute road closure periods, but will thereafter be allowed to flow for a 30-minute period until all three powerlines have been removed.

It is recommended that road users make advance provision for traffic disruptions and delays while the work is in progress on Thursday. The Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) will manage the road closures with all other law enforcement and emergency management services, including N3TC’s Roads Incident Management team, providing support and assistance at the road closure points.

N3 Toll Concession (N3TC), the company managing the N3 Toll Route between Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal and Heidelberg in Gauteng, appeals to road users to give their full cooperation to the Road Traffic Inspectorate and emergency services to help ease the burden on everyone and to assist Eskom with speedy completion of this task.

Road users planning to travel in the region of De Hoek Toll Plaza are advised to obtained real-time traffic information and status updates via N3TC’s 24-hour helpline: 0800 63 4357 or by following N3TC on Twitter: @N3Route.

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