South Africans can prepare themselves to be Starrstruck

Sep 9, 2020 • News

South Africans prepare yourselves to be Starrstruck this Spring! An amazing new online platform will bring performers and fans closer together through perfectly curated, high-end, content on demand. Fans will be able to enjoy exclusive and never seen before content at the touch of a button. Shows, competitions, opportunities and much more will be launched soon! 

Starrstruck offers artists the opportunity to bring the arts back to life and to continue their daily work, but with a twist. During the past few months performing artists and technicians endured the sad reality that a blind eye was turned to their income, or the lack thereof. “Artists need our support, because being famous does not mean you can afford to buy groceries at the end of the month without an income,” comments Starrstruck Director, Matthew Smit. 

The initiative was sparked by the extended lockdown, trying to find a way to support this industry through the current tough climate. Starrstruck founder, Tim Fish says the concept literally struck him during level 5 lockdown. “I thought about how many South Africans are at home and may be in need of a good laugh, a tap of the foot, the need to dance, or for some light-hearted entertainment to drown out the dire news around us.” These initial thoughts led to further reflection about the many talented South African entertainers now without an income. 

“How can we better aid artists to realise improved prospects from their dynamic abilities and how we include up and coming entertainers to do the same?” The result was Starrstruck. Through our platform, artists will be able to sell tickets, for exclusive content, to their fans through online ticketing. Starrstruck partners with artists and content creators to design quality shows with their high-end technology while assisting with ticket sales and marketing. 

The world has had its fair share of live streaming during the lockdown. Now it needs “real” and “exclusive” again. Starrstruck’s magic lies therein that the shows will be performed in front of a live audience. “We want to bring back the personal touch in the performance industry,” Smit continues. Amazing artists will perform each night offering intimate shows that will be perfectly curated for exclusive premieres and will be available on-demand afterward. This will ensure that shows can be enjoyed not only by audience members in South Africa but globally too. 

Starrstruck is very excited to partner with the Multi-Media as their supplier of technical services. They’re known for their professional involvement in The Voice and other major projects. The set offers a dressing room and green room for entertainers and their crew, the full professional experience. The service is rounded off with an amazing product, showcasing talents, exclusive interaction and ticket sales on behalf of the artists. 

On the entertainment side Season 1 will consist of entertainers like PJ Powers, Mzanzi Youth Choir, Armand Joubert, Tussen Sterre, Pienaar Lochner, Martin Bester, Lizz Meiring, Skwatta Kamp, Thabsie and Rocco de Villiers – launching this September. Variety in it’s the best form.

“At Starrstruck we aim to bring a credible brand to the local market which epitomizes the essence of various forms of entertainment which will unite artists and fans in a more meaningful way, in future perpetuity, by increasing reach and accessibility through our online platform,” mentions Fish. 

There are many more surprises up the Starrstruck sleeve, so stay informed through social media and their official website. Artists who are interested in performing on this stage can contact Starrstruck at 

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