The Commission of Inquiry into Taxi Violence continues on 21 October 2020

Oct 21, 2020 • Taxi

The public hearings of the Commission of Inquiry into Taxi Violence in the Gauteng province will continue on
Wednesday, 21 October 2020 at 09:00.

The Commission will hear testimony from a representative of GOBODO, a company appointed by the Gauteng
Department of Roads and Transport in 2019 to investigate issuing of taxi driver operating permits/ licenses within
the Gauteng province under the Johannesburg region.

The representative is further expected to share key findings of the forensic investigation with factors that cause
taxi violence from registration of Public Transport operators.

The legal team is in the process of identifying and/or consulting with other witnesses who will appear before
the Commission over the next few days.

Members of the Media and the public are invited to REGISTER as follows:
Date: Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Time: 08:00-09:00am
Venue: Emoyeni, 15 Jubilee Roads, Parktown, Johannesburg

NB! Members of the Media and public are requested to bring positive identification document
(i.e. ID, Passport, or Driver’s License). NO POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT, NO ENTRY.

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